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Anyone used 300dollardatarecovery.com?
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 8:57 am    Post subject: wow Reply with quote

I have heard that it is really hard to play around with these things; it would be really mess up your mind if you do things own your own. Try to opt for some reference videos from YouTube if you can.

outlook 2010 not sending emails
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Joined: 14 Nov 2013
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 6:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think it is best to revert from data recovery tool. I mean, I just purchased it and it is of no use. Well I did not purchase is for 300 dollars. But I purchased it for a lesser amount. Well it is just the original itself.

emr interoperability

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I can't believe I'm going to do this, but I'm actually going to come to $300DDR's defense here (mind you I've teased them plenty myself).

A good amount of data recovery work can be performed without a clean room. Obviously not the parts which require opening the drive. However I'd say that around 60-70% of cases don't require the drive to be opened. This number may well depend on what keywords you're using to drive business to you company though too. As far as I know, $300DDR doesn't do any clean room work they just refer those cases out for a commission. Aside from this limitation of the company, Brian there does do good work.

From a strictly fiscal viewpoint, I'd love to limit myself to just those type of cases too. The fact is we make virtually zero profit on the cases that do require a clean room when you average them all out. We only do them to avoid losing good customers to other labs. Constantly chasing down new business gets costly and exhausting.

As to the necessity of a clean room, I do believe it's necessary to have a dust free environment to open drives in if you're going to do that. However what isn't necessary is a walk in clean "room". The benchtop units I work with here are able to meet a standard which is 10x cleaner than the Class 100's so many companies advertise. Once you put a human body in there, it's never really that clean anymore anyway.

As to the computers you see in the picture he posted, those aren't just desktop computers. They are actually DDI 4 units, which is a professional imaging tool costing several thousand dollars each. I've got one sitting right next to my desk, but I rarely use it these days since upgrading my main recovery station to the latest PC-3000 Express.

Also, there's no need to make fun of the look of his "lab", office, whatever you want to call it. Look up any data recovery companies address and you'll find that they are all just leasing a small to mid sized office space in a large looking building. Even the big companies like DriveSavers are only around 35-40 employees (most of which are just sales and advertising, support, etc.). And they really only employ a couple top level techs, with a lot of support staff to help them from having to deal with customers, and a handful of low level techs to handle the easy cases.

The reality is you just don't need a huge building with hundreds of employees to do this work. Most likely, it'll only be one guy working on the case no matter where you send it. With a smaller company you actually have a better chance that the top level guy will work on it. Go with the "big boys" and you might get the low level dope who's incompetent. I know I just did a recovery which had previously been to DriveSavers and was deemed "unrecoverable" by them. Took me literally 30 min to solve the case and I recovered 99.9% of the data. I can only assume that no skilled professional ever actually looked at the case.

I've often considered moving my company to a large flashy building in downtown so as to look like a big corporate lab, but it's just a waste of money when the current office building I'm in works just fine and is far less expensive.

A few companies, actually have a virtual office in those fancy looking buildings to impress people, but they can't actually do any work there as per the limitations of these type offices. So they're taking the drives elsewhere to actually do the work. Probably into their home office or basement sadly.

The fact is it's not a business that requires a ton of lab equipment or a ton of space. A couple thousand square feet is more than enough for even a mid sized data recovery firm.
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