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help my hard drive motor is broken.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:07 am    Post subject: help my hard drive motor is broken. Reply with quote

i have a question regarding hard drive.

my harddrive is maxtor 250gb. i put external case so i use it as backup datas.
i partition as 2 drive -- 100gb (as ntfs) and 150gb (as fat32)

i accidentaly dropped it. It's just small drop (from coffee table) but in the result, the hard drive didn't detect.
at first i thought it was the casing.
i tried on different casing but the result still the same.

i asked my friend who is a technician. and opened the harddrive
he found ot the motor was stuck (or hang) basicly it didn't want to spin.
he tried to 'tricked' the motor, which now can turn but very slow (which it suppose to rotate up to 7200 rpm)

the drive part was intact no scratch, and no wierd noises produced.

i already bought the same hard drive with the same spec n everything.
he swapped the drive and the pcs to the new drive.

when i tried on my computer, there's no drive detected.
but when i check on the disc management, it detect as 250gb unlocated.
in the disc management it detect there the frive, but when i right click it there's no format options or open, just help that i can click.

can somebody help me what's wrong?

is it because of the new hard i haven't format or partition. basicly the brand new one, i give to the techician and he swapped for me.

should i partitate the new hd into 100-150 disk first, then swapped the disk n the pcb with my broken so it detect as the old one, will this trick work?

many thanks in advance
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Has your technician friend actually opened the metal case of the hard disk - that is so you can see the platters?

If he has done this outside of a clean room / laminar flow cabinet he will have contaminated the disk and most likely destroyed the data.

A hard disk will onyl work if the drive spins a full speed.

From your description is almost sounds as if he has done a platter exchange, unless he used a special tool to keep the platters aligned there is very little chance for you to recover your data I am afraid.

If you have any questions contact me,

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 3:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Quite often dropped hard drives have seized motor. PCB swap will not help here and usually platter swap is required.
These are actually the most difficult cases in data recovery business and no way you can fix that at home or at a PC shops around the corner. If you attempt to - just wave good-bye to your data.
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